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Cartoony Thingy by Sibu-Sabu
Cartoony Thingy
Still playing around with this app, it's not my favorite so far, but the sketch challenges & DA upload feature are nice!
Anyone have any free drawing apps to recommend? (for android) I've been trying out several of them lately, so I'm curious if there are any that you guys prefer.

// that symbol on the sweater is supposed to be my logo i guess? I came up with it in my sophomore year art class for a project, but i'm still tinkering with it.
Also if anyone has a tumblr & i haven't followed you, please link me! I'm more active on there (currently not posting art though, planning to soon).
Thanks for viewing!
Tree Sketch Challenge  by Sibu-Sabu
Tree Sketch Challenge
Decided to try out this sketch challenge feature, it's interesting so far :)

// Not entirely sure if I'll start uploading again, so no promises ^^;
how has everyone been?
Katharina Mana Liseo by Sibu-Sabu
Katharina Mana Liseo
Heyyyyy there!
//I said I'd be more active, but wasn't *flops around*
I figured I'd upload this sketch I drew last night.
I'm trying to draw more digital stuff, so I'll try to keep this account active, but I've also started to upload drawings on wysp and my new paigee world account!
Thanks for viewing!
Sketch for Mah Clam  by Sibu-Sabu
Sketch for Mah Clam
Myyyy Clammmmm, Hagaluz I'm sorry this is so lateeee!! But here is one of the sketches :3
// you probably didn't even see this coming *wink wink*
There will be more coming!!! :happybounce:
Hello everyoneee~ 
It's been a long while since I've used DA!
But how have you all been?

I haven't been drawing much lately, but I had done a sketch a day challenge earlier in the year (I stopped 'cause of reasons lol)
And school is ending soon, so I'll be drawing much more. I'll try to get some drawings up on here, or maybe wysp (I gotta start using it more haha). 

But I guess thats it? I might upload some pics of a book I made recently for my creative visual journaling class, it has a japanese stab binding, real fancy haha. I have some other books I've made in that class as well, but haven't quite gotten them back yet. When I do get them back I'll be sure to post some pics, so keep an eye out!

Also the sketch a day challenge is on my instagram (that I made a while ago haha)

Well, yep! now on to finals that are coming up....hopefully i'll remember all the info i need to haha. 
Thanks for reading!

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